An INEC delegation received in audience by the military governor of Ituri


Bunia, April 15th, 2022 (CPA).-The military governor of Ituri, Lt General Johnny Luboya Nkashama received in audience the delegation of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) from Kinshasa, led by its Provincial Executive Secretary , Jimmy Angha Matadri.

Approached by the press at the end of the hearing, the Provincial Executive Secretary of the INEC in Ituri declared that this delegation came to present courtesies to the provincial authority and, at the same time, announce the activities to be carried out in this entity. ,

in particular the recruitment operation for temporary staff to be deployed. It also proposes, he added, to update the electoral cartography and to identify the physical personnel as well as the existing equipment, within a month. Jimmy Angha Matadri returns from Kinshasa where he was invited by his hierarchy like other Provincial Executive Secretaries.