« Collectif 24 » raises awareness of the population of Tshangu to the right of access to information


Kinshasa, April 15th, 2022 (CPA).- The secretary general of « Collectif 24 », a civil society platform, Henri Christian Longedja, raised awareness among the population of the Tshangu district of the right of access to information , during a popular forum organized on Friday by this structure, in the town of Masina, under the theme: « The right of access to information, the importance of the independence of the media in a democracy and in the ‘improvement of governance’.

According to Henri Christian Longedja, this activity aimed to raise public awareness of the law on access to information, to enable them to know and enjoy their fundamental rights in various areas of life. During their exchange, Henri Chritian Longedja underlined the importance of access to information which, according to him, is a sine qua non condition for any development program, and an important lever in terms of accountability. account, transparency, participation and empowerment.

He also indicated that access to information contributes to the development of the country, through the improvement of good governance, the fight against corruption and the strengthening of democracy. The participants in this meeting welcomed the initiative of Collectif 24 which allowed them to learn about their fundamental rights.