DRC without new cases of Covid-19 on Wednesday


Kinshasa, April 15th, 2022(CPA)- The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) recorded no cases of Covid-19, out of the 827 samples tested on Wednesday, reports the daily bulletin of the Technical Secretariat of the Multisectoral Response Committee to the Covid-19 reached the CPA on Friday.

Nevertheless, according to the source, the total of the day is fifteen confirmed cases from the update carried out in the province of North Kivu. This brings the total cumulative since the declaration of the epidemic in the DRC on March 10th, 2020 to 87,070 cases, including 87,068 laboratory-confirmed cases and 2 probable cases.

The cumulative number of people who have been cured and that of deaths has remained the same for a few days, namely 63,638 people cured and 1,337 deaths. The DRC had recorded for the first time a day without new cases of Covid-19 on March 20, 2022. The Covid-19 test is free in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, except for unvaccinated travelers who will have to pay 30 US dollars.

All twenty-six (26) provinces of the DRC are affected by this epidemic. These are the provinces of Kinshasa (46,694 cases), North Kivu (9,663 cases), Haut-Katanga (6,503 cases), Kongo Central (5,633 cases), Lualaba (4,796 cases), South Kivu (3,850 cases), Haut-Uélé (1,557 cases), Tshopo (1,523 cases), Ituri (1,372 cases), Kasaï Oriental (957 cases), Sud-Ubangi (874 cases), Equateur (599 cases), Kasaï Central (547 cases), Kasaï (412 cases), Maniema (354 cases), Lomami (341 cases), Nord-Ubangi (278 cases), Kwilu (215 cases ), Mongala (207 cases), Tshuapa (138 cases), Maï-Ndombe (129 cases), Kwango (117 cases), Bas-Uélé (102 cases), Haut-Lomami (90 cases ), Tanganyika (62 cases) and Sankuru (58 cases). Since the start of vaccination against Covid-19 in DRC on April 19, 2021, 879,122 people (1.63% of the target population) were vaccinated, of which 545,828 people (1.01% of the target population) were completely vaccinated by receiving the two required doses or the vaccine dose Johnson&Johnson. The target population to be vaccinated in the DRC is estimated at 53.9 million people.

Of those fully vaccinated, 430,805 received the Johnson&Johnson (single dose) vaccine. 378,682 people were vaccinated in February 2022 alone, or 45% of all people vaccinated to date. The goal is to reach 2.5 million people vaccinated per month or 625,000 people per week. For the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) this objective is achievable