Transport: the sector with a priority action program


Kinshasa, April 15th, 2022(CPA)- The Deputy Minister of Transport and communication channels, Marc Ekila Likombo, proceeded on Thursday, April 14th, 2022, to the closing of the works of elaboration of the sectoral strategy and the action program transport priorities.

The Deputy Minister in charge of Transport, who represented the Minister in charge of Transport, Communication and Accessibility Chérubin Okende Senga, said that this plan, supported by the vision of the President of the Republic, Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, is based on provide the country with sustainable sectoral strategies by adapting it to innovative policies that should enable qualitative change in the lives of the entire Congolese population.

It is with satisfaction, he said, that the Ministry in charge of Transport notes that most of the targeted actions converge to achieve the defined vision that of providing the country with an efficient multimodal transport system, sustainable, accessible and secure, at the service of national and regional integration of social economic development and poverty reduction.

He welcomed the conclusions of this work which met the assignments of the Ministry of Transport as guardian of the transport sector, because certain actions and projects initiated or undertaken fall within the framework of this strategy.

These are, he pointed out, the “Transacademia project”, the deployment of Société des transports au Congo (Transco) buses in the provinces, the Air Congo project, the rehabilitation of river and lake ports, the construction, modernization and airport certification. The Secretary General for Transport, Communication and Accessibility, Donat Bagula, presented, on the occasion, the synthesis of these two documents relating to the implementation, through the transport policy and the action program.

He handed over these two documents to the deputy minister, who promised to forward them to the government for approval.