The Easter of the Lord opens a new path of hope in the future for the Congolese, according to Cardinal Ambongo


Kinshasa, April 18th, 2022 (CPA).- The Easter of the Lord opens for the Congolese a new path of hope and confidence in the future, said Saturday, in his message on the occasion of the feast of Easter, the Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo Besungu. The Metropolitan Archbishop of Kinshasa based his message of hope on the passage from the Gospel of St Luke which says: « For there is no darkness that is not illuminated by the light of the Risen One, there is no there is no stone that cannot be rolled away (Lk24, 2) and there are no chains that cannot be broken”.

For the Metropolitan Archbishop of Kinshasa, who rekindled confidence in the future of the DRC through a few biblical passages, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ joins us on a daily basis and celebrating the Easter of the Lord means recognizing that life is stronger than death. According to the Congolese Cardinal, “the Easter of the Lord is here! At the heart of the Christian faith resounds this good news. Christ is risen! He really came back to life! With overflowing joy, we thus celebrate the solemnity of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Through him and with him, God brings life out of death,” reads the message. For those who believe in the risen Christ, they are truly liberated and called to a fulfilling, rich life, full of peace and hope. Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo concludes his message by wishing that « the light of the Risen One will dissipate the darkness in the lives of all Christians and illuminate the road of the Congolese people towards true freedom ». ACP/