The Minister in charge of National Defense launches the maize harvest at the Mabana military farm in Maluku


Kinshasa, May 1, 2022 (ACP).– The Minister in charge of National Defense and former combatants Gilbert Kabanda Kurhenga launched, on Saturday, the corn harvest at the Mabana military farm in the commune of Maluku, as part of the revitalization of the military industry advocated by the Head of State and Supreme Commander of the FARDC and the Congolese National Police.

Minister Gilbert Kabanda took this opportunity to explain that the constitution of the Republic emphasizes that the army has, among other things, the mission not only of preparing for war to secure the national territory but also, in times of peace, the army must contribute to the economic and social development of the country This is why this activity is part of the relaunch of agro-pastoral activities which is added to the achievements of his ministry for year 1 of the Sama Lukonde Government, he said, before to recall that at the beginning of April, the Head of Government had relaunched the production of military uniforms at the logistics base and there was also the launch of a small shipyard which has already produced a small experimental boat . It is therefore the beginning of the military industry, multidisciplinary, all specialties combined, he concluded.

The Deputy Minister of National Defence, Séraphine Kilubu, who piloted this activity by order of the Minister, thanked the Head of State, Félix Tshisekedi, for his vision, Prime Minister Sama Lukonde, for his support and the Minister of Defense Gilbert Kabanda, for his spirit of openness and collaboration in this commendable activity because agriculture is the mother of development. She further specified that apart from the Mabana farm where 300 ha were plowed, the team exploited, in addition to harvested corn, 100 ha, i.e. 50 ha of cassava and 50 ha of sweet potatoes.

The same work was done in some farms across the country where, added the Deputy Minister, 20 ha of maize in Kamina, 30 ha of maize in Kananga, 3000 ha acquired in Kolwezi were harvested in addition to a state of places that was made in Kipengi in the province of Kwilu. Previously, the logistics corps commander, Major General Marcellin Issa Kumba, in his welcome address, recalled that Mabana is a land with an agro-pastoral vocation and the revival of its activities will make the Congolese nation great and powerful.

He also pointed out that apart from agricultural activities, this farm is already developing sheds for the production of poultry with a capacity of 35,000 hens every 45 days and ponds for a productivity of 120,000 tons of fish in 6 months. ACP/