The provincial Minister in charge of Finance satisfied with the progress of the renovation works of the municipality of Kinshasa


Kinshasa, May 6th, 2022 (CPA).- The provincial Minister of Finance, Jean Ngoy, said he was satisfied with the progress of the renovation works of the Kinshasa communal house, after a guided visit that he performed on Thursday at the venue.

He visited some offices and the meeting room of the municipality under the guide of the mayor, Pepito Kilala, in order to realize the effectiveness of the end of the said works. The Minister of Finance, on this occasion, called on other municipal officials to watch over the state of their offices, which must be the mirrors of health in the city, before congratulating the municipal authority for its bravery in the fight. execution of this work, before asking the staff of the municipality to make good use of it ».

Pepito Kilala said that the initiative to renovate this commune is part of the communal strategies to support the « Kinshasa Bopeto » program. “The town hall is the mirror and it must reflect the vision of the town. This renovation of the entity must challenge each individual who lives in the municipality of Kinshasa to maintain cleanliness in their environment,” he said.

He reassured his hierarchy, his population of his determination to make the commune of Kinshasa the cleanest and requested the involvement of the inhabitants of this area for the accomplishment of his vision on the commune of Kinshasa.