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Official release in Kinshasa of a new political party called « Union for Tshisekedist Values »

Kinshasa, May 16th, 2022 (CPA). Apostle Pierre Serge Banza of an independent church, on Saturday launched his political party called Union for Tshisekedist Values ​​(UVT), during a ceremony marking his official exit organized in the municipality of Kintambo. “The UVT political party was created on June 06, 2020 with a view to perpetuating the ethical and moral values ​​advocated by the late Etienne Tshisekedi wa Mulumba and to give the Head of State Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo an overwhelming majority in the 2023 elections”, indicated the national president of the party, Pierre Serge Banza, adding that UVT places man at the center of its actions for the integral development of the DRC. He said that on the political level, the UVT supports local governance by applying the force of law and not the law of force and promises to promote artists and sportsmen who will defend the colors of the nation.

Congolese abroad. Economically, he said, the UVT will ensure that the soil replaces the subsoil by favoring fishing and agriculture in order to ensure organic food sovereignty. « We are going to fight against the destruction of the environment », he insisted, before noting that the UVT supports the development project at the base of 145 territories initiated by the President of the Republic, Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo.

The Secretary General of the UDPS, Augustin Kabuya, in his speech, gave wise advice to the leaders of the new party, calling on them to unity. “Managing human resources is the hardest part of running a political party, be careful of the people who will come to divide you. Stick together and exploit each other’s weaknesses to ensure the party’s longevity. Everyone is useful in a political party,” he said.

Inauguration of UVT headquarters

The head of the civil house of the Head of State, Bruno Miteyo Nyenge, proceeded the same day, to the inauguration of the headquarters of the UVT. The UVT is directed by a committee made up of a national president assisted by 4 vice-presidents responsible respectively for political, legal and electoral issues, communication, mobilizations, ideology, economy and development strategy and administration and finance. To date, the party is already established in 18 provinces of the DRC, it is reported. Among the guests, we noted the presence in particular of the University Professor and former candidate for the 2018 presidential election Noël Tshiani and some ambassadors.

Urbanization highlights the need for cities and settlements to be inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

Regarding urbanization, Gisèle Ndaya Luseba said that, well planned, as indicated in SDG 11, underlines the need to ensure that cities and human settlements are inclusive, safe, and resilient and sustainable solutions to develop spaces with a view to developing the urban environment.  « Urbanization being a vector and a means of appropriating more sustainable lifestyles, it is today a guarantee of the unity and stability of the family », she further underlined, before making note that in the DRC, as in most African countries, urbanization is taking place in an anarchic manner and without any planning. Families occupy undeveloped spaces without any respect for urbanization standards.

This has innumerable consequences for families, including poverty, degradation of living conditions, lack of an adequate living environment, promiscuity, cases of incest, gender-based violence (GBV) as well as juvenile delinquency, etc. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, this day comes at the right time because several cities in the country are experiencing a massive influx of people fleeing rural areas to more stable urban areas offering better opportunities, mainly due to insecurity and precarious living conditions.

Indeed, said Gisèle Ndaya, the successive armed conflicts that have marred the DRC in recent decades as well as the economic crisis that followed have deeply affected the Congolese family. “As a result of these conflicts, many families have been broken up. The education of children compromised as well as the health of women and young girls have been heavily affected by sexual violence and the disease of HIV/AIDS. Added to this is the COVID-19 pandemic,” she said.

Call for the search for solutions to ensure the stability of the family

Faced with this grim situation, the Minister of Gender, Family and Children has invited all those involved in the promotion and protection of the family, in particular universities, churches, civil society organizations as well as the various administrations to initiate reflections that will lead to the best means to be implemented to ensure the stability of the Congolese family, more particularly those living in large urban centers.

To this end, she invited every Congolese man and woman from Katanga, Grand Kasaï, North-Kivu and South-Kivu, Bandundu, Equateur and goods from other provinces to show solidarity and tolerance towards families who, for one reason or another, live outside their natural living environment. Minister Gisèle Ndaya Luseba ended her message by sharing the pain with many families, especially those in the eastern part of the country, who are separated and bruised because of the activism of armed groups. ACP/

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