Terrorist threats: the mayor of the city of Goma calls on his constituents to calm down


Goma, May 16th, 2022 (CPA).- The police mayor of the city of Goma, the principal senior commissioner François Kabeya Makosa, called on his constituents to calm down and go about their daily business with vigilance, 24 hours after the alert launched by the United States Embassy of America in the Democratic Republic of Congo, reporting a probable terrorist attack in the tourist town. In a press release made public on Friday evening, a copy of which reached the CPA on Saturday, the urban authority indicated that the security services, in particular « the FARDC and the PNC, are watching to avoid any form of threat to the city ​​of Goma”.

It invited the shipowners to respect the required provisions in relation to the embarkation and docking times of each boat and floating unit in order to allow the security services to do their job better. According to the same source from the United States Embassy, ​​in addition to an attack on the city of Goma, another could target an as yet unspecified boat departing from Goma on the waters of Lake Kivu. This question was also at the center of the meeting of the provincial security committee chaired by the vice-governor, the divisional commissioner Jean-Romuald Ekuka Lipopo. The press release from this body recommended calm and vigilance to everyone, ensuring that measures have been taken to deal with any eventuality. ACP/