National Assembly: examination of the bill amending the law relating to civil aviation in the DRC


Kinshasa, May 18th, 2022 (CPA).- National deputies examined, Monday at the People’s Palace, the bill amending and supplementing law number 10/014 of December 31st, 2010 relating to civil aviation in the DRC, during the plenary chaired by the President of the National Assembly, Christophe Mboso. The author, the national deputy André Claudel Lubaya, declared in his communication that his bill is with a view to securing the law relating to civil aviation of 2010, on the requirements of the international legal instruments ratified , to date, by the DRC. “Several amendments to the Civil Aviation Act of 2010 are relevant and necessary before the DRC hosts, in September 2022, the general audit of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) , he said. The ICAO audit, explained André Claudel Lubaya, aims to assess the legislation and regulations on civil aviation in the DRC, the airworthiness of aircraft, navigation services and the carrying out of accident investigations in the airline sector in the DRC. He also indicated that his bill will contribute to specifying the technical powers of the Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority in the DRC in terms of supervising the safety and security of civil aviation and to improve certain provisions of the law in force relating to the registration of aircraft, aerodromes and the eligibility of Congolese companies. André Claudel Lubaya affirmed that his bill meets ICAO recommendations for the investigation of aviation accidents and incidents, search and rescue of aircraft in distress. Among the innovations brought by his bill, the elected national deputy of Kananga also cites the improvement of the provisions of the law relating to penal provisions and sanctions as well as the provision of provisions relating to the protection of the environment. . Governed by the communication of the author of the bill, the national deputies reproached him for having taken up, in his bill, provisions which come under the regulations. They also criticized him for having maintained a vagueness around the scope of the bill on the powers of the Airway Authority (RVA) and those of the civil aviation authority. The plenary of the National Assembly granted 48 hours to MP André Claudel Lubaya to respond to the concerns of his fellow national deputies.