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USA: Debora Tshiovo finishes 11th out of 14 candidates for the Republican nomination in the senatorial elections

Kinshasa, May 18th, 2022 (ACP).– The American of Congolese origin, Debora Tshiovo, missed the Republican nomination on Tuesday to represent this party in the senatorial elections next November in the USA, ranking 11th out of 14 candidates, a learned on Wednesday the CPA from the international media.

Debora Tshiovo, who was seeking this nomination to represent the State of North Carolina in the American Senate, obtained 2,708 votes out of 759,451 voters, or 4% of the votes cast, it is specified. This election was won by a close friend of Honorary President Donald Trump, Ted Budd, who received 445,280 votes in favor, or 58.6% of the vote.

The former Republican governor of North Carolina, Pat McCrory, who came second, won 186,729, or 24.6% of the votes cast. Five American states, we note, were concerned by these primaries, both on the side of the Republicans and that of the Democrats.

These are the states of Idaho, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oregon and Pennsylvania. The US primary elections aim to reduce the number of candidates in the general elections, for better legibility with voters, it is reported. To win the party’s nomination, the candidate must win by a simple majority of at least 30% of the votes cast.

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