Electoral law: national deputy Daniel Safu recommends supporting women in the political fight


Kinshasa, May 20th, 2022 (CPA).-National deputy Daniel Safu advocated, on Wednesday, in a communication to the People’s Palace, the support of women in the political fight. The elected representative of Kinshasa, who reacted to the innovations made to the law of June 25, 2011 on the organization of presidential, legislative, provincial, urban, municipal and local elections, asked the Congolese to work towards respect for the constitution of the DRC which provides in its article 14, the principle of gender parity. He expressed the wish to see women run for elective positions in the upcoming elections, especially since, he acknowledged, women have as many qualities as men. Quoting the writers Jean-Paul Sartre and Jean Malonga, Daniel Safu felt that the time has come to highlight the multiple qualities of women in the DRC.

National deputy Safu welcomed the adoption, by the plenary of the National Assembly, of the innovation relating to the consideration of gender and people living with disabilities, in the proposed electoral law. The adoption of this innovation, as well as other innovations on the electoral threshold and the majority vote, was made in the absence of the group of national deputies authors of the bill amending the electoral law of June 2011. ACP/Lys