Implementation soon of a consultation framework IGF – public sector unions


Kinshasa, May 20th, 2022 (CPA).-– The head of the General Inspectorate of Finance (IGF), Jules Alingete, announced the establishment in the very next few days of an IGF consultation framework – labor unions public sector, during the 6th day of citizen exchange for the benefit of the different layers of society, organized Thursday, at the Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo amphitheatre, of the IGF. Jules Alingete, on this occasion, invited all public administration unions to denounce any embezzlement of public funds for the interest of the nation, given that there is a convergence of objectives between the IGF and the unions. , in terms of improving public management for the well-being of career agents in State public services as well as employees. These exchanges, which began 6 months ago, are intended to raise awareness among all union delegates to ban anti-values ​​and to get involved in monitoring the financial management of both the State and public companies, establishments and services, for the welfare of their union members. The theme of this day is: « Understanding the fight against embezzlement and financial predation triggered by the Head of State ».

UCACT determined to support the IGF in the fight against the embezzlement of public funds

The national president of the Union of executives and career agents of the territorial (UCACT), David Delors Luyeye, in an interview, at the end of this exchange, indicated that his union is determined to support the General Inspectorate of finances (IGF) in the fight against financial predation and embezzlement of public funds. « The IGF called on all unions to join in the fight against the embezzlement of public funds and to denounce any embezzlement for the interest of the nation », he underlined, specifying that the IGF associated the public administration unions because they are the valid and real representatives of the agents and civil servants of the State. At the level of public management, he added, there is not only politics but there is also administration. For their part, he noted, the unions have asked the IGF to protect them, because the members of the unions are themselves agents of the state. ACP/Lys