Minister Gisèle Ndaya provides guidance for the relaunch of GTG activities in all provinces of the DRC


Kinshasa, May 20th, 2022 (CPA).-– The Minister of Gender, Family and Children, Gisèle Ndaya Luseba, gave guidance to participants in the plenary of the Gender Thematic Group (GTG) for the effective relaunch of the actions of the said group in all the provinces of the DRC, at the close of this plenary session on Thursday, at the Hotel Rotana, in the commune of Gombe in Kinshasa.

To this end, it identified a few priority actions to be carried out on which all members of the GTG should concentrate their efforts to respond before the end of December 2023. These include the facilitation of the granting of microcredits to women and young people to finance their entrepreneurial initiatives through the National Fund for Microfinance, and the pursuit of advocacy with banks and Microfinance institutions. Finance (IMF) for women’s access to credit at a preferential rate and a reasonable installment; facilitating access to agricultural funds for women and young rural producers; as well as the multiplication and support of incubators in order to promote the creation of jobs for women and young people. In addition to these orientations, there is also the popularization of the legal instruments drawn up and ratified on the protection of children, the promotion and protection of the family and on the rights of women; the continuation of the implementation of activities relating to the Immediate Zero Tolerance campaign in the provinces; the integration of the gender perspective in the Local Development Program of the 145 territories; the installation of gender units in the various institutions to replace gender focal points as well as the development and presentation of the roadmap for the implementation of the positive masculinity agenda of the DRC for 2022. In order to promote a common vision of gender throughout the national territory, the patroness of Gender in the DRC announced the forthcoming holding, from July 3 to 7 in Kolwezi, capital of the province of Lualaba, of the 5th edition of the forum of provincial ministers and heads of division in charge of Gender. These meetings were attended by delegates from sectoral ministries, organizations of United Nations agencies as well as those of civil society. Created in 2008 by the Interministerial Commission in charge of the fight against poverty and by the technical and financial partners to meet the requirements of the implementation of the monitoring and evaluation of the Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (DSCRP I ), the Gender Thematic Group (GTG) is a space for dialogue on gender and a framework for consultation and harmonization of sectoral actions between the government, technical and financial partners, civil society organizations, the private sector and democracy support institutions. ACP/Lys