Minister of State François Rubota reports advanced contacts for the distribution of improved stoves in the DRC


Kinshasa, May 20st, 2022 (CPA).– The Minister of State, Minister in charge of Rural Development, François Rubota Masumbuko, affirmed, in an interview given Friday to the CPA at Ndjili International Airport, to have made contacts with an organization  »Delagua », based in Rwanda and specialized in the distribution of improved stoves, on the occasion of the holding, from May 17th to 19th, of the Ministerial Forum on Energy Transition in Africa, in Kigali. Manufactured in Kenya, the improved stoves are a kind of braziers whose use significantly reduces the consumption of firewood and the culture of deforestation, indicated the Minister of State, specifying that currently more than 20 thousand Rwandan households use of this equipment for domestic use.

To this end, the aforementioned organization offers the possibility of taking charge of social animators recruited to explain to the populations the advantages of improved stoves, by verifying and monitoring the effective use of this material by the population, especially rural.

Just and Equitable Transition in Africa

Regarding the fair and equitable energy transition in Africa, Minister of State Rubota said he had taken a particular interest in this issue, given that the DRC has a significant energy deficit, only 16% of its population in urban areas. having access to electricity, against only 1% in rural areas.

The fair and equitable energy transition thus implies a deep analysis so that the Congolese population benefits from it, in the same way as other African countries, he pointed out.

According to the Minister of State, this forum will have been an opportunity for the DRC to mark its presence, to participate in the discussions and to make contact with several partners also interested in the fields of the environment, hydraulic resources and electricity, in addition that of rural development in the DRC.

From this exchange of experiences, he added, it was noted that COP 27 is preparing and that the partners want a joint declaration. This deal is also of interest to the DRC, which has subscribed to the organization of the preparatory work for this COP27, said the Minister of State.

The forum on energy transition in Africa in Kigali was organized by an institution called  » Seforall sutnable energy for all  », it is recalled