President Félix Tshisekedi instructs the government to guarantee continuous drinking water supply in the DRC


Kinshasa, May 20th, 2022 (CPA).- The President of the Republic, Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, instructed the government to disburse quarterly the funds necessary to allow the regular operation of all drinking water production centers in order to guarantee a continuous water supply, but also to increase production.

The government spokesperson, the Minister of Communication and Media, Patrick Muyaya Katembwe, indicated, in his report of the fifty-third meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Government of the Republic, that the Head of State, Felix Tshisekedi chaired last Friday, face-to-face at the city of the African Union in Kinshasa. According to Patrick Muyaya, the Head of State gave this instruction, after he was informed of the difficulties faced by the Water Distribution Board (REGIDESO) in obtaining supplies of inputs for water treatment. . This situation observed on all of its sites throughout the country, he said, impacts the supply of drinking water in major cities, particularly in Kinshasa and Matadi.

The government called upon to pay the water consumption proposals of the institutions

Head of State Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, on the same occasion, asked the government to pay the water consumption bills of the institutions and services supported. « The State (at central and provincial level), being one of the major clients of REGIDESO, must absolutely pay, on time, the water consumption bills of the Institutions and services supported » , underlined the spokesman of the government. The leaders of this state-owned company remain very concerned about the « very short period of input coverage which would be less than 6 (six) days to ensure water treatment » because of cash flow. To this end, it is therefore imperative, they pointed out, that this period be increased to three (3) months in order to guarantee a continuous water supply as well as to increase its production and distribution to the populations on the whole country.

Access to drinking water remains a serious problem in several towns and villages in the DRC. In some neighborhoods, REGIDESO facilities exist but not a drop has fallen from the taps for years. The lack of this vital commodity forces some to buy water or to resort to water from wells and the Congo River, with the risk of developing waterborne diseases.

To facilitate access to drinking water in the peri-urban districts of the city of Kinshasa, for example, the French Development Agency has launched, in collaboration with the Congolese government, the Project for the Promotion of Innovative Methods for the access to drinking water. REGIDESO, which has been in existence for 83 years, manages the water supply to the populations with the support of donors. ACP/Lys