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The government is working to find solutions to the problem of kerosene refueling

Kinshasa, May 20st, 2022 (CPA).- The Minister of Hydrocarbons, Didier Budimbu, said on Thursday that the government is working to find solutions to the problem of kerosene supply which is acute especially at the African level in general and in DRC in particular.

« At times, we may well have money but, we do not know where to get supplies of kerosene and at times even diesel, » said Minister Didier Budimbu, who explained the difficulties faced by airlines. operating in the DRC.

These companies, he added, have had to cancel several flights in recent days, which has caused great tension between travel agencies and some customers. Faced with this situation, said the minister responsible for the hydrocarbons sector, the government has already made arrangements by ordering boats from its suppliers who will arrive by then.

They are already on their way. « The DRC is not dry, » said Didier Budimbu, indicating that the country still has kerosene stocks so that we can hold out and still enough diesel for the TRANSCO buses to hold out or run.

The usual kerosene supply quota halved

The Minister of Hydrocarbons has also revealed that the usual kerosene supply quota has been cut in half.

« We have slightly halved the quantity of kerosene that has always been served per day », he declared, before specifying that « all the aviation companies know that they have a quota while we can pass this milestone of 5 to 7 days”.

He deplored the fact that some aviation companies continue to sell tickets when they know that, if for example they had 4 flights a day, in this context, they can only have 2 flights a day.

“It is because of this that there has been unrest at the airports, but the population must remain calm. The situation is global and it will quickly return to normal,” reassured the Minister of Hydrocarbons. Following this problem, it should be noted that several national flights were canceled on Wednesday, angering passengers who attacked agents of certain airlines at N’djili International Airport.

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