Ministry of Justice: The minutes of the work on the flow of revenue submitted to Rose Mutombo


Kinshasa, May 27th, 2022 (CPA).- The commission for the examination of the public-private partnership offer of the Ministry of Justice submitted to the Minister of State in charge of Justice, Rose Mutombo, the minutes of the work held from May 5th to 20th  in Kinshasa on the flow of revenue generated by the various services of the said ministry, said Friday, a source of the said ministry. According to the source, this commission, made up of agents from the Ministry of Justice and the General Directorate of State Revenue and Participation (DGRAD), had the task of analyzing and evaluating the offer presented by the company’s partner African union financial service (AUFS) for digital transformation and payment centralization project for approval. « This company wants to support the Ministry of Justice in the process of collecting non-tax revenue in collaboration with the DGRAD », says the same source. The head of the AUFS delegation, Théophile Badoane, for his part, indicated that once the realization is made by the Minister of Justice, the offer will be presented to the Council of Ministers, to finalize the normal contracting and procurement process. « The solution we are providing in terms of mitigating and erasing the revenue flow mechanisms at the Ministry of Justice will be implemented in the provinces within 90 days, » he said. Théophile Badoane thanked the Minister of Justice for the courage she had to initiate a project for the digital transformation of her ministry, which is the backbone of this country. He also indicated that in the next 90 days, the AUFS could implement at least 2,400 collection points for all revenue-generating acts in the provinces of the DRC. “We are going to set up a database management system allowing the entire judicial administration, as well as the cabinet, to closely monitor all the operations of the various payment processes and procedures,” he said noted, adding that within 12 months of signing the partnership, his company plans to implement electronic systems for remote monitoring of detainees or people under house arrest. “For the latter, he said, we are able to implement inside the country in a period of 90 to 120 days, so that we can support this ministry in its efforts to reduce overcrowding prison”.

Technical aspects of the project

Théophile Badoane indicated that the implementation of this computer system will make it possible to manage the daily tasks at the level of the courts, tribunals and public prosecutor’s offices online and can significantly reduce the processing time of legal files, reduce human actions, completely eliminate paper , have an overview of the legal situation in real time, trace and channel public treasury revenue in real time, while maximizing revenue and reducing leakage. The proposed techniques are under GPL license, he said, continuing that choices will nevertheless remain to be made, particularly for workstations. Technology providers have credentials to affirm that the choices are relevant and solid. The project is financed on own funds up to USD 16,886,974.43 or 36% and USD 30,000,000 or 64% (to be amortized over 10 years at the rate of 15% per annum) in bank loan which intervenes at the end of the 3rd year of investment. Minister Rose Mutombo has indicated that the ball remains in her court to push this process for approval at the Council of Ministers.