The establishment of industries, a necessity for the development of the DRC, according to the president of the ASC


Kinshasa, May 27th, 2022 (CPA).-  The establishment of industries and the creation of jobs are the challenges to be met to improve the living conditions of the Congolese population and the development of the DRC, said Friday, during an interview with the CPA, the president of the political party called « Alliance of Christian Socialists » (ASC) and honorary provincial deputy of the former province of Bandundu, Willy Mubobo Nzama, « Without industrialization, there is no development, trade alone does not develop a country », he stressed, arguing that the DRC must reclaim its industrial vocation for its development. For Willy Mubobo Nzama, the problems in particular of youth unemployment, the lack of drinking water supply and electricity facing the DRC, impact on the life of the Congolese as well as on the development of the country. Speaking of his party, Willy Mubobo Nzama said that the ASC and its activities will be launched in the next few days in the province of Kikwit, where it will be established. His party, he said, advocates development policy and not demagogic political politics, and its mission is to restore and defend Christian morality in the management of state affairs or public affairs. “We will work for the establishment of a real democracy in order to attract investors and give work to young people,” he insisted.