Minister of State Guy Loando laid the first stone for the launch of modernization works at Bunia airport


Bunia, June 9th, 2022 (CPA).- The Minister of State in charge of Regional Planning, Guy Loando Mboyo, who is leading a government delegation made up of the Ministers of Transport, Communication and Accessibility, Chérubin Okende and that of Finance, Nicolas Kazadi, on Tuesday, proceeded to the laying of the first stone for the launch of the modernization works of the national airport of Bunia, in the presence of the military governor of the province of Ituri, Lt General Johnny Luboya N ‘kashama. Minister of State Guy Loando reassured that the funds have already been made available to the company « Mont Gabao » to start work immediately with the first batch, as a first step. “My finance colleague is there, we did not come to lay the stone and leave. You have seen the machinery that the company has that has won the market and is going to get to work,” he said. The modernization works of this airport, for his part indicated Ir Gilbert Munyampara of the Mont Gabao company, include 4 (four) lots: the first concerns the extension of the landing strip by 1,850 (one thousand eight hundred fifty) meters to 2,500 (two thousand five hundred) meters, and its widening from 30 (thirty) meters to 45 (forty-five) meters. As for the second lot, it relates to the expansion of the parking area which will go from 14,000 (fourteen thousand) m2 to 32,000 (thirty-two thousand) m2.

As for the third lot, it concerns the construction of a passenger terminal, with 2 (two) separate arrival and departure circuits, with an area of ​​3,500 (three thousand five hundred) m2 and finally the fourth lot which is devoted to the construction of the control tower, from which the 2 (two) ends of the airstrip will be visible and the fire barracks. The duration of the works, according to the company Mont Gabao, is 2 (two) years after which the airport of Bunia will be able to accommodate large aircraft. As a reminder, since its inauguration in 1956, it is for the first time that Bunia airport will be rehabilitated. The works will be entirely carried out by Mont Gabaon, a company 100% owned by a Congolese, which meets the will of the President of the Republic, Felix-Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, who wants at all costs to create millionaires among Congolese entrepreneurs.