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Campaign on changing mentalities: Thérèse Mbujibungi invites young people to stimulate a new impetus of patriotism

Kinshasa, June 9th, 2022 (CPA).– The Secretary General at the Ministry in charge of Youth, Thérèse Mbujibungi, invited, on Tuesday, the participants in the campaign on changing mentalities organized thanks to the partnership with the South Korean NGO, International Youth Fellowship (IYF), to stimulate « a new impetus of patriotism for a new Congo », in his closing speech of this activity. Thérèse Mbujibungi who represented the Minister of Youth, Initiation to New Citizenship and National Cohesion, Yves Bunkulu prevented, said that this campaign is part of the ministry’s mission, that of fighting against anti-values ​​including tribalism, clanism , nepotism, selfishness and corruption which negatively influence the mentality and behavior of the Congolese man. This campaign, she said, was intended to provide a framework for deep reflection for education, new citizenship, with a view to leading participants to adopt self-control as a compass based on patriotic values. and to take into account national cohesion as a patriotic priority. The NGO/IYF, of which Kim Kisung is the head of the Africa zone specializing in training for changing mentalities, deploys experienced executives to train young people around the world. It is presented in several African countries, including Cameroon, the Central African Republic and the Republic of Congo.


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