Minister Tony Mwaba informed of the creation of irregular unions in his sector in Kasaï central


Kananga, June 9th, 2022 (CPA).– Unionists from Primary, Secondary and Technical Education (EPST) in the Grand Kasaï area informed, on Thursday, Minister Tony Mwaba Kazadi, on a working stay in this entity, of the creation in his sector of irregular unions, during an exchange in the meeting room of the « Hotel 12 houses », located in the commune of Kananga, in Kasaï central. These trade unionists seized this opportunity to denounce the creation of these illegal structures financed with the aim of combating free primary education, before informing the minister of the demands of teachers in the Grand Kasaï area. They also mentioned, in particular, the arrears in terms of operating costs; payroll for Sankuru out-of-session editing and management in the hands of certain officials not recognized by the ministry.

The Minister of EPST for the defense of the profession

Reacting to all their concerns, Tony Mwaba Kazadi indicated that it is up to the regular unions to defend their profession by fighting the irregulars and the “black sheep” that abound in the sector. He then invited them to recognize the efforts made with a view to the application, without fail, of free primary education, in particular the bush premium and that of free education, the increase in teachers’ salaries and operation as well as the mechanization of the new units (N.U.). « The strength of a trade unionist is not in his ability to declare strikes, but rather in his approach to the government, to find solutions to the problems of its union members », finally recalled Minister Tony Mwaba.