Conflict in Kamwesha: the Deputy Minister in charge of the Homeland calls on the communities to peaceful coexistence


Tshikapa, June 10th, 2022 (CPA), – The Deputy Minister in charge of the Homeland, Territorial Decentralization and Customary Affairs, Jean-Claude Molipe Mandongo, called on the communities of two provinces Kwilu and Kasaï to cultivate peace and peaceful cohabitation, during of his stay in Tshikapa, capital of the province of Kasaï, in a mission to assess the security situation concerning an alleged conflict between nationals of the province of Kwilu and those of Kasaï in Kamwesha, a village located approximately 85 km from the town of Tshikapa.

Welcomed at the Loange bridge, border of the provinces of Kwilu and Kasaï by the vice-governor Gaston Nkole Tshimuanga, and the members of the provincial security council, the vice-minister of the Interior had held a working session with the governor of Kwilu , the vice-governor of Kasaï as well as several political-administrative authorities of these two provinces to have a clear idea on the alleged conflict between the nationals of the two provinces in the recruitment of local labor by the Arab Contractor company which is responsible for the execution of the construction works of National Road No. 1, Kamwesha-Mbulungu axis. Gaston Nkole Tshimuanga, on this occasion, presented the report of the mission carried out in Kamuesha by Governor Dieudonné Pieme and the mixed delegation of national deputies from Bandundu and Kasai on the situation. This report mentions a misunderstanding around the recruitment of agents by the Egyptian firm Arabe Contractor. The agenda of the Deputy Minister of the Interior had planned a descent to Kamuesha in the territory of Tshikapa for the completion of the mission.