Official launch of the 2021-2022 off-session exams at the Institute Pedagogical and Technical Superior of Lusambo


Lusambo, June 10th, 2022 (CPA), – The academic secretary of the Higher Pedagogical and Technical Institute of Lusambo (ISPT), Grégoire Kapinga Betu, proceeded, on Thursday in this city, to the official launch of the 2021-2022 out-of-session exams in the enclosure of this university structure. Mr. Grégoire Kapinga Betu in front of the students For his part, Mr. Grégoire Kapinga announced that the ISPT followed the academic calendar as planned by the supervising minister, by ordering the start of the session. 205 candidates on the whole divided into 5 areas took part and are available to present their exams, he underlined, before saying that after passing his exams, the courses will begin as in the past, in particular on the 18th. June of the current year, date which marks the beginning of the 2nd semester. He also pointed out that the ISPT is evolving while respecting the rules of the Minister of Higher and University Education while asking the central government to consider taking charge of the staff of this university institution. According to him, this structure is the pride of this corner of the DRC by offering quality engineers and managers on the ground. 7,000 finalists registered for the out-of-session state exams in the educational province of Sankuru 2 In addition, 7,000 finalist students, including 3,325 girls, were registered for the out-of-session tests of the 2021-2022 state exam in the educational province of Sankuru 2 distributed in 36 centers, said the director of this jurisdiction of the primary, secondary and technical education (EPST), Richard Pampaye Bomboko during an interview with the CPA. He revealed some technical difficulties related to the conduct of these exams, in particular the late arrival of students at the center and the crowd of parents of participants. Overall, he reassured, these tests went well before recognizing the merits of free basic education which allowed the return to the school bench of children of all layers. of the population, especially the poorest. The director of the educational province of Sankuru 2 welcomed the materialization of this constitutional provision on the initiative of the President of the Republic, Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo who is committed to the training and education of Congolese youth. Richard Pampaye urged teaching staff to ban anti-values ​​that tarnish the image of lack of national education. He also called on them to respect the ethnicity and ethics of the profession as well as punctuality in the service. The educational province of Sankuru 2 covers the three large territories, namely Katako-Kombe, Lubefu and Lusambo.