Women’s networks promise to keep up the pressure until the promulgation of the electoral law


Kinshasa, June 10th, 2022 (CPA), – Networks for the defense of women’s rights, namely, the focal point of the Nothing Without Women (Rslf) movement, the Congolese Women’s Consultation Framework (CAFCO), as well as the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (Wilpf), promise to maintain the pressure by strengthening advocacy with partners and actions to be taken on the ground until the promulgation of the electoral law. For these networks whose focal points spoke through a co-hosted press conference on Friday, the fight must continue after the adoption by the National Assembly of this bill which took into account the dimension of parity. in the electoral process.  » We must carry out lobbying actions so that the Senate, which is currently examining the text, the vote, in identical terms as those of the lower house before its transmission to the President of the Republic, who has made parity his hobbyhorse. , for promulgation,” these focal points said. Convergent reactions

Fifi Baka from RSLF explained: “We faced resistance from MPs. They put forward several reasons, in particular the fact that it is difficult for them to present joint lists in certain corners of the country. In the end, we proposed another rewording of paragraph 3 which was finally adopted ». She added looking to the future: “We need to capitalize on this achievement by working harder to have women engaged and achieve the expected results in as many constituencies as possible so that we can be aligned on the lists”. Annie Matundu of WILF, for her part, acknowledged: « This is an important step that has just been taken. This paragraph clearly stipulates the consideration of female representation. A new element in the electoral law », said she underlined, continuing: « We must now work with women so that they can stand out and be aligned on the party lists. Even if this amendment does not reassure us that we will have joint lists, nevertheless the parties which will comply with this resolution will be rewarded. For her part, Evelyne Mbata estimated that at CAFCO, it is hoped that the parties will be able to improve the representation of women. « It was a very good thing to have the law on parity. But so far, we have not achieved this parity. It is also a good thing to exempt parties that hold account of parity but we are waiting for effectiveness, » she said. As a reminder, in 2017, the word parity was removed from the law and Article 13 stipulated that the non-representation of women does not constitute a reason for inadmissibility of a list.