Call for increased cervical cancer awareness


Kinshasa, June 22nd, 2022 (CPA) – Dr. Paul Muanda, obstetrician gynecologist at the General Reference Hospital of Kinshasa (HGRK, Ex- Mama yemo) calls for the intensification of awareness of cervical cancer . He said so on Tuesday during an interview with the CPA. He indicated that cervical cancer remains a leading cause of female mortality. Its management being very expensive, indicated Dr. Muanda, it is recommended that women put into practice some preventive measures in order to avoid it. Among these recommendations, we note responsible sexual behavior, in particular avoiding early sexual intercourse and multiple sexual partners, and observing good intimate hygiene practices. For Dr. Muanda, cervical cancer is caused by lesions of a virus called human papilloma (HPV). This virus is also capable of transmitting cancer outside the cervix, in particular by infecting the anal and oral mucosa. Dr. Muanda explained that it is a sexually transmitted virus from a man to a woman and vice versa. This requires a strong sensitization of women and young girls to responsible sexual behavior because the cervix, the anal canal and the mouth are lined with the same types of coating. HPV is also responsible for prostate cancer in men, he said. It can be prevented through safe or secure sexual behavior, Dr Mwanda added.