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Strong collaboration between CPA and RTNC in Bandundu

Bandundu, June 22nd, 2022 (CPA)–The provincial director of the Congolese Press Agency (CPA) of Kwilu, Ms. Viviane Sakata Mambo, praised last weekend the frank collaboration existing between this public media and the provincial management of the Congolese National Radio and Television (RTNC) for inter-service support for their promotion in this province. Ms. Sakata, who said so during a joint RTNC-CPA working session, which she chaired in her office, urged the local population to cultivate a culture of reading, stressing that her department remains available to receive local press organs that have mass communication in their attributions and with a view to resourcing information. She also recalled the CPA’s primary mission, which is to produce official information and make it « in real time » available to national, provincial and international institutions and various readers around the world. For his part, the provincial director of the RTNC, Gabriel Bolombi, who welcomed the initiative, expressed the wish to see such meetings multiply to reflect on the functioning of these two public media and especially their peculiarity before public opinion. He reassured the CPA of the accompaniment of the RTNC by granting it space on its antennas, in order to allow it to restore its long tarnished image and build the population on its main mission

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