Goma mayor bans hate speech


Goma, June 27th, 2022 (CPA).- The mayor of Goma, François Kabeya Makossa, principal senior commissioner, surrounded by his deputy, Faustin Kapend Kamand, recently asked the different communities to live together to promote the culture of peace. “We must banish messages of hate in speeches or in social networks, pushing people to discriminate on the basis of their morphology, their ethnicity or their tribe, which can plunge us into indescribable chaos”, he underlined.

The head of the urban executive made this communication for the heads of neighborhoods and members of the intercommunity Barza of North Kivu to whom he instructed to relay this message in the communities. Kabeya Makossa also asked his collaborators to denounce any agitator in order to put him at the disposal of the competent services. Deputy Mayor Faustin Kapend Kamand, for his part, invited young people to cultivate values ​​of virtue, to act with complete independence of mind and not to blindly follow the opinions of politicians who manipulate them. After this meeting, the deputy mayor recommended to the leaders of religious denominations to preach unity, the peaceful coexistence of communities, living together by banishing hatred in their preaching. Community representatives took the opportunity to send messages of peace to their constituents.

For his part, the provincial president of the Tutsi people, David Karambi Fathy, welcomed the initiative of the mayor of Goma to bring communities together to insist on peace, because, he said, the Tutsi are subject to discrimination. and assimilated to M23. This communication from the mayor followed the slippages observed at certain levels during the demonstration on June 15, supporting the FARDC and denouncing the aggression of the DRC by Rwanda through its auxiliaries, the M23 terrorists. ACP/