Kasaï central: FOMBAT launches the ophthalmological campaign at the HGR /Demba


Kinshasa, June 27th, 2022 (CPA).- The national president of the Mbayi Tabora foundation (FOMBAT), Olivier Kabeya wa Mbayi, proceeded, on Friday, on behalf of his foundation, to the launch of the ophthalmological campaign and the free distribution of glasses services at the General Reference Hospital (HGR) in Demba, in the province of Kasai Central. Launched on the occasion of the inauguration of the office of the said foundation in this administrative entity, this campaign is initiated to help a segment of the population of the rural commune of Demba who, suffering from ophthalmological diseases, lack the means to be consulted by specialists. « They will thus be able to benefit from a free ophthalmological consultation and, if necessary, receive medical glasses without paying anything », indicated the president of FOMBAT.

Olivier Kabeya, on the same occasion, donated beds to the Sanctuarisa maternity hospital. The president of FOMBAT also organized some activities for the youth of this territory, including a football tournament for young boys, which brought together four teams, namely Kanemu, Lutulu, Dibeleyi and Sambuisa. He also opened a cutting and sewing training center for young girls. Previously, it is reported, Olivier Kabeya wa Mbayi had inaugurated Monday, a permanence of the Union for Democracy and Social Progress (UDPS) / Demba, a building built with own funds and given as a donation, as a member of this party. ACP/