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The film « Alone in a strange Word » placed under the sign of cultural cooperation between the DRC and Germany

Kinshasa, June 27th, 2022 (CPA).- The film by director Joël Sansi entitled « Alone in strange Word », screened on Saturday at the Boboto Cultural Center, in the commune of Gombe, highlights the cultural cooperation sealed between the DRC and the Republic of Germany, said Herman Mbwa, representative of the adviser to the Head of State in charge of youth and the fight against violence against women, Ms. Chantal Yelu Mulop. According to him, this film, which is inspired by the story of illegal immigration, with all the related consequences, is a form of appeal to all Congolese youth who must watch the best that the African continent in general and the DRC in particular. « Culture is an important channel where not only our values ​​are translated, but also our strength, » he said, saying that like other countries, culture has conveyed ideals, strengths, as well as as opportunities to other horizons.

For him, this film demonstrates that Congolese culture can convey the country’s opportunities in the world, recalling that the special adviser to the Head of State in my matter encouraged the various directors of this film, despite the difficulties encountered during its achievement. For his part, the executive producer of the film, John Mbingilay said that this cinematographic work is already screened in five festivals around the world, whose emphasis is placed on the theme of raising awareness among young people to end the ‘illegal immigration. “A lone in a strange Word” is a one hour and forty two second film shot in 2019 in Germany and Kinshasa.

It is taken from a book with the same name by author Londri Mingolo-Tite, who left the DRC to settle in Germany. Under the production of the house « Jepa production » and the image Drama, this feature film has seen the participation of several authors including Flavien Muaba, Maguy Kalomba, Morelle Mbudi, Koffi Mufunda, Emmanuel Ntara, Huguette Kayiba. ACP/

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