Professor Bahati edified on the activities of the Socialist International in the world


The leader of the « hoe » party said he was edified by the life and activities of the Socialist International (SI) in the world, following his participation in the extraordinary congress of this organization, at the head of a strong delegation of members of his party in Geneva. Modeste Bahati, invited on behalf of his political party for the very first time to these meetings, thanked the organizers for the mark of recognition shown to the AFDC.

His thanks were addressed particularly to Georges Papandreou and Luis Ayala, respectively President and Secretary General of the SI, as well as to all the participants who spoke in front of the rostrum of this meeting. “My presence here in Geneva with a strong delegation is justified by the fact that we have been invited for the very first time to participate in the SI Council. Our political party AFDC is a social democratic party.

And as such, we came, not with the cap of President of the Senate, but rather in our capacity as national president of the AFDC party,” said Professor Modeste Bahati. According to sources close to this political formation, the participants debated around themes related in particular to peace, democracy, the Covid 19 pandemic, global warming and the global crisis.

 As President of the Senate and executive of the Sacred Union of the Nation coalition, Professor Bahati Lukwebo had won the sympathy of the participants who wanted to immortalize this moment with photos. The Socialist International is an international political organization which brings together most of the socialist, social democratic and labor parties of the world, as well as some democrats.

Between 1923 and 1946, the Socialist Workers’ International (IOS) was the international organization that brought together most of the socialist, social-democratic and labor parties. It is the heir to the « Workers’ International » (known as the « Second International »), and the « Union of Socialist Parties for International Action » (known as the « Vienna Union » or « Two and a Half International »). The Socialist International will succeed him from 1951, we recall. ACP/