Soon the closure of all brothels in Kasindi / Beni and its surroundings


Kasindi, July 20th, 2022 (CPA),- The local security committee of the city of Kasindi at the Congolese-Ugandan border post, in the territory of Beni says it has waited for the release of the document from the authority authorizing the tracking of all the houses of tolerances within this feature. According to the governor’s delegate, Barthélemy, who spoke to the press last Monday, all brothels will be hunted down and closed because they are the source of insecurity in this corner of the territory. For the president of the local security committee, only the notification of the Military Administrator of the territory of Beni is expected to proceed with this operation. He added that a local non-governmental organization NGO Femmes solutions had published a report in October 20221 that in Kasindi and its surroundings nearly 500 brothels are operational.