IFASIC: former students welcome new students with a football match at the IPG field


Kinshasa, July 20th, 2022 (CPA).- Former students of the Faculty Institute of Information and Communication Sciences (IFASIC) welcomed new students on Thursday, with a leisure football match, at the field of the Gombe Professional Institute (IPG), which ended in victory for the alumni with a score of 3-1. Students Divin Matondo, Dems Pipo and Nathan Nzimoly scored all three goals for the oldies, before the newbies reduced the score. The match was preceded by a march, during which former students and new registrants marched, side by side, in front of the president of the student community of this higher education and university establishment, Joël-Ortiz Lokange, with the vice-president, Joséphine Mawete. MP Bernard Kayumba, an eyewitness to this event, concerned about the future of Congolese youth in general and students in particular, wanted to encourage these young people, with the aim of motivating them, Jérémie Ngeleka Kalala told ACP , vice-minister of sports within IFASIC. He also stressed that the reception of new so-called « Naza IFASIC », is a concept that brings together so many other activities, in addition to sports, with the aim of offering a warm welcome to new students enrolled in the within the journalism and communication training school.