Head of State Felix Antoine Tshisekedi inspects infrastructure sites in Kinshasa city


Kinshasa, August 2nd, 2022 (CPA) – The President of the Republic, Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, inspected on Saturday the various sites for the rehabilitation and construction of infrastructure in Kinshasa city.

The Head of State thus devoted practically the whole day to this roaming which enabled him to crisscross more than five municipalities of the capital, accompanied by the Minister of State in charge of Infrastructure and Public Works (ITP), Alexis Gisaro Mununyi, and of the Governor of the city-province of Kinshasa, Gentiny Ngobila Mbaka, all guided by the General Director of the Office of Roads and Drainage (OVD), Ntumba Tshikela.

From « Zamba Telecom » (Mont-Ngafula) to « Terre Jaune » (N’Sele), passing through Camp Luka (Ngaliema), CECOMAF (N’djili) and Limete mini-park, the President of the Republic is impregnated in particular with the evolution of anti-erosion work, rehabilitation of public arteries as well as the construction of bridges:

Visit of the sanitation works at « Zamba Telecom » site

At the level of « Zamba Telecom », in Mont-Ngafula municipality, the Head of State followed the technical details on the progress of the work provided to him by DG of OVD, Ntumba Tshikela: work divided into three phases namely, the construction of a gutter along the avenue Telecom, over 1,322 m, the construction of the main collector of 1,100 m and the secondary collector.

Started on March 17th, 2022, this anti-erosion work on Zamba Telecom site is 80% complete. The duration of the contract is 8 months, while the financing is estimated at nearly 8 billion USD disbursed only by the Congolese Public Treasury, for a period of 240 days, or 8 months.

Among the stakeholders, there is the Ministry in charge of ITPR, OVD which is the contracting authority, the Chinese company « China Guangfong Provincial Changda Higway Engineering co, Ltd » (CGCD), and finally, the Technical Control Office (BTC).

A view of Lubudi bridge construction site in Luka camp district

At Camp Luka, in Ngaliema municipality, President Felix Antoine Tshisekedi, to the ovations of the crowd, realized the positive progress of road infrastructure construction works, two months after their launch.

He notably visited the construction site of Lubudi Bridge, on Makelele River, which will allow the opening up of this long forgotten part of the capital, and which is being revalued thanks to the determination of the Head of State.

There are also plans for the paving of Kintambo Cemetery Avenue, 1,300 m long, and the construction of Maluku and Sakombi bridges, in order to connect Ngaliema municipality to that of Selembao.

A tour of the recreational sites of Lumumba Boulevard in Limete

In the afternoon of the same day, the presidential motorcade went to Limete municipality, where construction work on recreational and leisure sites is being carried out near Lumumba Boulevard.

On site, the Head of State received explanations from Felix Mabondo, engineer in charge of the operation of these works aimed at the development of public spaces, safety and the erection of car parks. Six sites are to be developed for this purpose.

From 3rd to 6th Street, on the Residential District side, two modern car parks with a capacity of 200 parked vehicles are planned, explained the engineer, adding that two other car parks of the same capacity will be installed on both sides of the boulevard, towards the 10th street, in addition to a mini-park and an esplanade, at 13th street.

For the first site (6th street), the work is almost 80% complete, said engineer Felix, indicating that the work will be delivered to the population at the end of this month of August.

The President on a construction site with his delegation

In N’djili municipality, the President of the Republic continued his rounds with the inspection visit of the works launched, in January of the current year, on CECOMAF road, linking the city-province of Kinshasa to Kongo-Central, by Kasangulu city.

Arrived on this agricultural service road, a jubilant crowd of local residents and market gardeners chanted cries of joy to salute the efforts made to improve their social conditions.

15 km long, on its section between the first entrance to Quartier 1/N’djili and Vululu village, this road, formerly in a very advanced state of disrepair, will have to be rehabilitated and modernized within the framework of Tshilejelu project, initiated by the Head of state.

According to an engineer found on site, the said works are being carried out by two construction companies, namely OVD (5 km from District 1 to the office in District 13) and the Indian company « Modern Construction », on the long section of 10 km from District 13 office in Vululu village.

“Terre Jaune” road nearing completion

The stage of « Terre jaune », in the urban-rural municipality of N’sele, caught the particular attention of the President of the Republic: after the partial asphalting of this road intended to open up this part of the capital from of Lumumba Boulevard, the local population was impatient to see its completion.

The Head of State visits an erosive site

The Head of State, to satisfy her, made his roaming visit to « Terre Jaune », in Mpasa 1 district, to the river which separates it from Mangengenge.

An erosion head that has already engulfed several plots and businesses should be stopped in its progression, to allow the continuation of the construction of this causeway and a bridge.

This field trip proves to anyone who would still doubt the firm will of the Head of State to improve the living conditions of the population and his determination not to skimp on any means to achieve this.

This is the reason why, braving the winds and tides, he did not back down from any obstacle to get to grips with reality and, as a result, provide suitable answers to each problem.

The fellow citizens living in the area promptly and warmly thanked him for his concern and expressed the wish that he would invest more in perfecting what he had started so well. ACP/