LINAFJ: Big Baz dominates Papa Honoré (2-0) at the 2nd edition of the national U-17 championship


Kinshasa, August 3rd  2022(CPA).-  The team of Big Baz from Baraka, from the territory of Fizi, in the province of South Kivu, dominated that of Papa Honoré from Kinshasa by the score of 2-0, Tuesday, in Martyrs of Pentecost stadium, in Kinshasa, at the opening of the 2nd edition of the national U-17 championship, organized by the National Youth Football League.

After a sterile period in a game of twice 35 minutes, the South Kivu club made the difference with a double from Maliyamungu Shabani (40th and 53rd). During this meeting, Big Baz whose name is made up of the English term « Big » which means « big », in French and Baz, name of a district of the city of Baraka, deployed a very beautiful football which seduced the public present at the stadium and which some observers have described as a level that has no common measure with the age of its players. Regarding the club Papa Honoré 4 years of existence as Big Baz founded by Kahori Shanbani, bears this name in memory of Honoré Tovo, the deceased parent of Matthieu Tovo Mozande, current president of the Kinshasa Urban Football Entente (EUFKIN)-Lukunga and former player of AS V.Club of Kinshasa and AS Nika of Kisangani. According to the latter, Papa Honoré was a big football fanatic. He had distinguished himself in the supervision of youth.

CEFORBEL stronger than Dragon (5-2)

In the 2nd explanation of the day, Center de formation de Belor (CEFORBEL) from Kinshasa was stronger than Dragon from Bandundu on the score of 5-2. CEFORBEL achieved this feat thanks to a hat-trick from Lumbu Dila (21st from the penalty spot, 40th and 48th), and goals from Bongeli Beenga (17th) and Manza Franck (37th). Dragon just reacted through Exaucé Belo (47th) and Plamedi Izapenge (64th).

The match scheduled between TRACAM from Kongo Central and Etoile Jaune from Grand Katanga has been postponed to a later date due to the arrival on Tuesday in Kinshasa of the Lubumbashi club. The other results recorded on Tuesday In addition, the other results recorded on Tuesday, on the Ujana field, are as follows: FC Castilla de Bukavu- AC Mavungu from Central Kongo (0-0), JS Kwilu from Grand Bandundu-Joli Site from Grand Katanga (0 -4), FC Tonnerre of Grand Equateur-Ujana of Kinshasa (0-0), CFF Don Bosco of Kinshasa-FC Zaire of Grand Equateur (1-0), DC Motema Pembe of Central Kongo-Real Club of Grand Bandundu (3 -0 package). The program of matches for the 2nd day includes the following matches; at the Martyrs stadium at 9:00 a.m.: Papa Honoré (Kinshasa-Eagle jolie sud (greater Katanga), at 10:00 a.m.: FC Zaire (greater Equateur)-DCMP (Kongo Central); 12:00 p.m.: FC Castilla (South Kivu)-FC Tonner (greater Equateur); 1:30 p.m.: AC Mavungu (Kongo Central)-AC Ujana (Kinshasa). At the Ujana field: at 8:00 a.m.: Big Baz (South Kivu)-Js Kwuilu (Kongo Central), 1:30 p.m.: CEFORBEL ( Kinshasa)-Tracam (Kongo Central); 3:30 p.m. FC Dragon (Bandundu)-Etoile Jeune (Grand Katanga). ACP/