The population of the province of Mai-Ndombe welcomes the inauguration of Governor Ritha Bola


Inongo, August 3rd 2022(CPA).-  The population of the province of Mai-Ndombe enthusiastically welcomed on Sunday the investiture by presidential ordinance of July 28, 2022 of Mrs.

Ritha Bola Dula as governor after her election by the assembly provincial last May, noted the CPA. His taking office is expected shortly to put an end to the long interim period of nearly two years exercised by Governor ai Jak’s Mbombaka since the dismissal of Governor Paul Mputu Boleilanga and thus put an end to the insecurity observed in several corners of the province.

Rejoicings were observed in several districts of the city of Inongo at the publication of this presidential ordinance which puts an end to all the disputes which followed this election. She will be assisted by Vice-Governor Jack’s Mbombaka invested by the same ordinance.

Building peace high on Governor Ritha Bola’s agenda

The establishment of peace and security in Mai-Ndombe is one of the priorities of Governor Ritha Bola Dula’s action program. Ms. Bola, who declared it the day after her investiture, promised to work for the major interest of the daughters and sons of Mai-Ndombe while seeking the support of each other for the success of this heavy mission. At the same time, she paid tribute to the Head of State for the trust placed in her. Ms. Bola was elected provincial governor of Mai Ndombe on May 6th, 2022 and invested by presidential order on July 28th, 2022. ACP/