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A doctoral thesis at UNIKIN on the sustainable management of the forest ecosystem

Kinshasa, August 8th, 2022 (CPA).- The head of works Mathieu Mukengere Ntakalalwa was proclaimed Friday, doctor in International Relations at the University of Kinshasa (UNIKIN) with the mention « great distinction » at the end of a thesis entitled “the Democratic Republic of Congo in the COMIFAC space, a contribution to the sustainable management of the forest ecosystem”.

The recipient indicated that this doctoral research aims to contribute to the sustainable management of the ecosystem in the space of the « Commission of African Forests » (COMIFAC), to the establishment of an effective institutional framework, as well as as well as a legal and institutional code allowing the country to fulfill its financial and administrative obligations at the community level as well as at the international level.

This, by not compromising national public policies that effectively meet the needs of citizens.

For the applicant, it is in particular the implementation of strategies such as the institutional framework of forest management on the one hand, and the holding within the country of rational foundations on the « Sustainable Management of Forests » (GDEF), on the other hand.

The Congo Basin on the way to becoming the first lung of the planet

He also said that the Congo Basin is on the way to becoming the first lung of the planet, because it is estimated to have a global pollution reserve capacity of three (3) years, adding that it constitutes a carbon reservoir and a reserve of biodiversity of global importance.

Subsequently, the new doctor in international relations, at the same time revealed a form of environmental leadership that the DRC should enjoy, in order to preserve a faunal and plant heritage for present and future generations.

This thesis has proposed, as possible solutions, in particular the effective delimitation of the Forest into three types of macro-zone in each landscape (protected areas, areas of community management of natural resources, areas of resource extraction); the timely payment of delegations and experts in the drafting of texts as well as the effective consideration of the needs of local populations and the association of ordinary citizens in any project relating to GDEF.

« The DRC would only be a winner if and only if the protection of forests does not create a great shortfall in the use of the wealth they offer for its development as a solution country », he underlined.

Professors Nsabua Tshiabukole and Musibono Eyul’anki were respectively the promoter and co-promoter of this thesis, while the UNIKIN budget administrator, Professor Yvonne Duagani Masika chaired this academic session, on behalf of the rector. ACP/

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