85,000 seedlings ready to strengthen the Malikuta forest reserve in Bas-Uélé


Bas-Uélé, August 12th, 2022 (CPA).-  A team from the Vice Prime Minister in charge of the Environment and Sustainable Development dispatched to the province of Bas-Uélé has just completed the first phase, installation of a nursery , about 85,000 seedlings that will strengthen the Malikuta Forest Reserve. The head of mission, who leads this delegation, Engineer Athanase Mutunda, said Thursday in Buta, in an interview with the CPA, noting that this project launched since 2021, for a period of 5 months, is managed by the provincial coordination of the environment of Bas-Uélé, chosen as focal point. This is a project implemented, in this territorial entity, as part of the government program to « Plant a billion trees by 2023 ». Speaking of the location of this project, Athanase Mutunda specified that it will be carried out in Gambe village, Koteli Group, Nguru chiefdom, Buta territory.

This realization has for project owner, the direction of Reforestation and Horticulture (DRHo), represented by Mrs. Cécile Pembele, who intends to extend this program to the 145 territories of the DRC, we let know. The territory of Buta benefits from the execution of this program in view of the richness of its forest resources and its anthropogenic activities carried out there to the detriment of the forest ecosystem.

The province of Bas-Uélé is part of the forest lung of the DRC.