IPGA: A day of buffet dinner scheduled at the Institute of National Museums of Congo


Kinshasa, August 15th, 2022 (CPA) – The Professional Institute of African Gastronomy (IPGA) is preparing a buffet dinner on August 27th at the headquarters of the National Institute of Museums of Congo (INMC), in Lingwala municipality, with the aim of completing its training cycle in gastronomy, indicates the press release received on Saturday at CPA.

According to this source, this meal will thus be offered to the finalists and to the various guests on the occasion of the collation of the academic degrees and titles obtained in gastronomic matters and the taking of the oath of second-rate winners, specifying, moreover, that the menus to be served will include, on the one hand, fruits of Congolese cuisine from the former province of Grand Bandundu, areas of Kasai and Grand Kivu, Grand Katanga, Grand Equateur and the former Orientale province. European, Asian and American cuisines will also compete. ACP/