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Ituri: the FARDC release two Chinese hostages from the hands of the CODECO rebels

Bunia, August 15th, 2022 (CPA). The FARDC spokesperson in Ituri, Lt Jules Ngongo, announced on Friday in Bunia the release by elements of loyalist forces of two (2) Chinese subjects formerly taken hostage by CODECO militiamen at the Bwanga mining site located in the Wazabo group, Banyali Kilo sector, in the territory of Djugu. Thanks to this operation, he continued, the FARDC managed to capture the elements of this negative force, before putting these Chinese, operators of a gold site, under high protection in this area.

Lt Jules Ngongo suggested that three (3) workers of these released hostages were killed by these CODECO assailants during the attack. Reassuring that the situation is under control on the ground by the loyalist forces, he, on behalf of the military governor, Lt General Johnny Luboya N’kashama, called on the armed groups having accepted the outstretched hand of the President of the Republic, Félix Tshisekedi de abide by their deed of commitment of cessation of hostilities, to join the P-DDRCS process and the Nairobi 2 consultations. CPA/

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