Butembo: The military governor carrying a message of compassion from the Head of State to the population


Goma, August 18th, 2022 (CPA) – The military governor of Nord Kivu province, Lieutenant General Constant Ndima Kongba, sent a message of compassion to the population of Butembo, the city where he has been staying since last Monday.

According to the governor, the President of the Republic Felix Tshisekedi shares, in his condolences, the same feeling of pain with all his citizens recently shaken by the demonstrations which went wrong, to the point of causing enormous loss of human and material lives.

Lt General Constant Ndima Kongba, who was responding to the press when he got off the plane at Rughenda aerodrome, reassured that the issue of Butembo is really taken into account by the central government, under the leadership of the Head of the State which remains determined to restore order and security in the region.

The provincial authority also reiterated President Felix Tshisekedi’s call, inviting youth to calm and restraint, before deploring the loss of human life recorded in the so-called scuffles, especially given the situation this part of the country.

A meeting extended to the urban safety committee

In addition, Governor Constant Ndima, with some members of the provincial security committee, chaired an extended meeting of the urban security committee at Butembo City Hall.

« One more death is one death too many for Nord Kivu », insisted the governor of this province, taking advantage of this opportunity to exchange with different social strata.

Among the decisions taken during this visit to Butembo, the governor notably banned, in a press release made public over the weekend, all demonstrations on public roads, before calling on the population to dissociate themselves from armed groups. PCA/