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EXETAT 2022/Haut-Katanga 1: Student Luc Kaita Mwene proclaimed winner with 86

Kinshasa, August 20th, 2022 (CPA) – Student Luc Kaita Mwene, finalist of Kitumaini Institute, commercial and management option in Haut-Katanga 1 province, was proclaimed laureate with 86℅ in the Examination of State 2022, indicates a document from the Ministry in charge of Primary, Secondary and Technical Education (EPST) received by CPA on Friday.

According to the source, this student is followed by two students who obtained 85℅, in particular Raïssa Kapya Mwika, from Flora 1 school complex, Sciences option, and Placide Andy Mujanayi Andria, from Kisima 2 school complex, General Pedagogy option.

Other winners, on the other hand, like Kerene Barbina Mugila and Ngamala Kazadi, option Latin Philosophy of the college Flora 1 passed with 83℅.

For their part, Pierre Eshiba Ndjibu, fishing and navigation option from Mgr Jean Felix de Hempire College obtained 82℅ followed by Lumière Mwenze Kinyanta, tailoring option from Barcelona school complex and Tshibwabwa Diambile, electronics option from the Industrial Technical Institute. (ITI) Saint Francis 2, who scored with 81℅.

As for Tshopo 1 province, student Freddy Zamayo Ndondi, finalist from Maele College (Science option), obtained 85℅, followed by Angelique Makanza Babe from Chemchem Ya Uzima high school, (Commercial and management) 83℅.

In Sud-Kivu 3, student Mpumwa Mubake, (Nutrition option) from Lycee Yano in Sud-Kivu 3, passed with 77℅, followed by Chrispin Mwegekwa Oshigentwale, (General Pedagogy option) 76℅.

Publication this Saturday of the results of Nord-Ubangi 2, Kasaï central 1 and Lualaba 2

In addition, this ministry announces for this Saturday, the publication of the results of the State Examination of the provinces of Nord-Ubangi 2, Kasai central 1 and Lualaba 2, while those of other provinces will be published progressively as the document says.

The ministry announced on Thursday, after a jury deliberation session in the cabinet of the sector minister, Tony Mwaba, in Kinshasa, the publication on Friday of the results of the provinces of Haut-Katanga 1, Tshopo 1 and Sud- Kivu 3, we recall.

In these three educational provinces, he appears on the list of laureates, Luc Kaita Mwene (Commercial and Management option) from Kitumaini Institute of Haut-Katanga 1, Freddy Nzamayo Ndondi (Science option) from Maele College of Tshopo 1 and Mpumwa Mubake (Nutrition option) from Yano High School in Sud Kivu. 3.


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