Minister in charge of National Defence asks US government for emergency military support


Kinshasa, August 31st 2022 (CPA).– The Minister in charge of National Defence and Former Combatants, Gilbert Kabanda Kurhenga, on behalf of the Congolese government, requested from the American Executive emergency military support for FARDC, in during an interview on Monday with a delegation from the American embassy received in his office.

This support aims, according to Minister Gilbert Kabanda Kurhenga, the training of Congolese soldiers, the immediate establishment of Special Forces as well as substantial logistical support.

The Minister in charge of National Defence and Veterans, it is reported, seized this opportunity to express his concern over the security situation prevailing in eastern DRC and to plead in particular for the setting up of a « special program » relating thereto.

The American interlocutors of Minister Gilbert Kabanda, including two attached military and experts from the United States army, promised him to transmit, without delay, the request of the Democratic Republic of Congo to Washington, for examination and implementation.

The two parties, it is reported, also discussed the creation of a law for the reform of military justice. This will aim to ensure respect for human rights, international humanitarian law and the protection of civilians during military operations.