Congolese senior magistrates take oath before President Felix Tshisekedi


Kinshasa, September 1st, 2022 (CPA) – The Head of State, Felix Antoine Tshisekedi, Supreme Magistrate, received on Wednesday, at the Palace of Nation in Kinshasa, in accordance with the Constitution, the oath of senior magistrates of the Order judiciary and administrative order. These are senior magistrates of the Court of Cassation and those of the Council of State, appointed by presidential ordinance on July 30th, 2022, as well as the sitting magistrates, members of the Court of Account, also appointed by presidential ordinance, June 27th, 2022. These high magistrates of the Judiciary Order and those of the Administrative Order have sworn before the Supreme Magistrate « to respect the Constitution and the laws of the Democratic Republic of Congo and to fulfill loyally and faithfully, with honour and dignity, the functions which are entrusted to them ». The President of the Republic took note of their swearing in and congratulated them, before each of the sworn in signed the Minutes of their swearing in, alongside the Chief of Staff of the Head of State. Among the heads of corps who took the oath are Mvonde Mambu Firmin, appointed General Attorney at the Court of Cassation, Ms. Odio Nonde Marthe, First President of the Council of State and Iluta Ikombe Yamama, General Attorney at the Council of State. The civil judges, advisers to the Court of Cassation, the First General Advocate at the Court of Cassation, the General Advocates at the Court of Cassation, the President of the Council of State, the advisers to the Council of State, lawyers generals to the Council of State and the members of the Court of Auditors were also sworn in before the Supreme Magistrate. The 1st Vice-President of the National Assembly; the Prime Minister; some members of the government; senior FARDC and PNC officers; the President of the Constitutional Court and President of the Superior Council of the Judiciary as well as the Governor of Kinshasa city took part in this solemn ceremony.