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Only one new case of Covid-19 recorded on Friday in DRC

Kinshasa, September 5th, 2022 (CPA) – Kinshasa is the only province in DRC to have registered a single case of Covid-19 on Friday, out of 641 samples tested across the country, reports the daily bulletin of the technical secretariat of the multisectoral Committee for response to Covid-19 on the epidemiological situation published on Saturday.

For the day on Friday, indicates the same source, no recovery was declared in the Covid treatment centres (CTC) and among the patients followed at home. There were no reported deaths.

Since the declaration of the epidemic in DRC on March 10th, 2020, the cumulative number of cases is 92,747, including 92,745 laboratory-confirmed cases and 2 probable cases. In total, there have so far been 83,432 people cured and 1,357 deaths.

The source also indicates that vaccination coverage has reached 7.05% of the estimated target population of 53.9 million people in Democratic Republic of Congo. The Covid-19 test is free in DRC, except for unvaccinated travellers who will have to pay 30 US dollars.

All twenty-six provinces of DRC are affected by this epidemic as follows: Kinshasa (49,522 cases); Nord Kivu (10,569 cases); Haut Katanga (6,743 cases); Kongo Central (5,976 cases); Lualaba (5,674 cases); Sud Kivu (3,973 cases); Haut Uele (1,622 cases); Tshopo (1,581 cases); Ituri (1,431 cases); Kasai Oriental (957 cases); Sud Ubangi (898 cases); Equateur (610 cases); Kasai Central (553 cases); Kasai (484 cases); Maniema (354 cases); Lomami (341 cases); Nord Ubangi (289 cases); Kwilu (220 cases); Mongala (207 cases); Tshuapa (154 cases); Mai Ndombe (129 cases); Kwango (127 cases); Bas Uele (102 cases); Haut Lomami (91 cases); Tanganyika (62 cases); Sankuru (58 cases). CPA/

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