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The rate of progress of the pacification process in Irumu estimated at more than 70%, according to Colonel Jean Siro Nsimba

Bunia, September 7th, 2022 (CPA).– The military administrator of Irumu territory, in Ituri province, Colonel Jean Siro Nsimba estimated, in an interview on Tuesday with his communication unit, at more than 70%, the rate of progress in the pacification process in its entity.

The colonel attributes this feat to the efforts of the armed forces, under the command of the military governor, Lt General Johnny Luboya N’kashama, under the leadership of the Head of State and Supreme Commander of FARDC, Felix Antoine Tshisekedi.

« The population of Irumu can now freely go about their business, although zero risk does not exist », he argued.

Colonel Jean Siro Nsimba, however, expressed his concern about the southern part of his territory comprising nearly four entities, including Walese Vonkutu chieftaincy, considered as the « epicenter » of ADF terrorists who are making incursions into d other customary entities, namely Tchabi, Boga, Mitego and part of Kasenyi.

While promising that this situation will change by the end of the year, the military administrator called on the population of his entity to « collaborate closely with the defence and security forces, to enable them to put these renegades out of harm’s way ».

Finally, he deplored the shameless behaviour of some of his constituents « devoid of patriotic momentum » who continue to support ADF terrorists, by providing them with sensitive information, pharmaceutical products and food, ignoring the fact that « it is this same population that pays the heaviest price for the barbarity of these terrorists from another age”.


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