Congolese table tennis players absent from the African Table Tennis Championships, due to lack of financial means


Kinshasa, September 8th, 2022 (CPA)- Congolese table tennis players were once again absent from the African Table Tennis Championships scheduled for September 03 to 09, 2022, in Algiers, Algeria, for lack of financial means, said learned on Wednesday, the CPA of the head coach of the Leopards Table Tennis, Joachim Kabongo. Initially scheduled for September 11th to 18th, this competition has been brought forward by a week given the internal reasons of the organizers of this continental competition. Coach Kabongo said that the Congolese table tennis players missed this competition due to lack of financial means. « It is since the year 2019, that the country no longer participates in all international competitions, each time the Federation of Table Tennis of Congo (FTTC) introduces its file to the Ministry of Sports and Recreation, this does not was not always taken into account. This sporting discipline should be considered like other disciplines such as: football, basketball, handball, « said the head coach of the Table Tennis Leopards.

He asked the Ministries of Sports and Recreation as well as that of Finance to take into consideration the requests of the Federation of Table Tennis of Congo which is going through a moment of ordeal, since the death of its former president, Saint-Matthieu Muana Mbuta, in 2020 last. This consideration, he said, will allow the Table Tennis Federation of Congo (FTTC) to raise this sporting discipline from its lethargy caused by the lack of financial means. As a reminder, the national table tennis team last participated in 2019, in Egypt.