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A government memorandum of understanding with financial partners on the Demographic Health Survey

Kinshasa, September 8th, 2022 (CPA) – The Government of Democratic Republic of Congo signed on Wednesday a memorandum of understanding with the financial partners on the Demographic Health Survey (DHS), during a working session that the Minister of State in charge of Planning, Christian Mwando Nsimba Kabulo, had in his office, CPA learned on Thursday from the said ministry.

Mr. Mwando Nsimba Kabulo, clarified on this occasion that this memorandum of understanding for an amount of approximately 14 million USD, two million of which will be borne by the Congolese State in the execution of this major project. . The other twelve million will be borne by UNICEF, UNFPA, the World Bank and USAID, as financial partners of the Congolese State in this process. The Minister of State took the opportunity to announce the establishment, in consultation with all the financial partners, of an updated timetable to set the start of work throughout the national territory. For the national coordinator of the Demographic Health Survey, this is a decisive step in being able to project the work of the survey, the reflections on which date back to last March. « The signing of this protocol helps us to take a step forward. The funds will soon be disbursed for the investigation, which is starting shortly and will end no later than December 2023, » he said. This Demographic Health Survey, it will be recalled, was one of the reasons that cost the post of the former interim general director of National Institute of Statistics, Serge Bokuma Onsiti, accused of financial embezzlement at this subject.


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