Death in Brussels of General Eluki Monga Aundu

Le général Sébastien Eluki Monga alors Chef d’Etat-major des Forces Armées Zaïroises (FAZ)

Brussels, September 8th, 2022 (CPA).- General Sebastien Eluki Monga Ahundu, former chief of general staff of the national army, died Thursday morning at the Jules Bordet-Erasme Hospital, in Brussels, from complications of a cancer.

General Eluki served under the flag during the long reign of Marshal Mobutu, of which he was once Minister in charge of National Defense.

The man and his military career

Sebastien Eluki Monga Aundu was born in Kinshasa on April 6th, 1941, to a military father. Originally from the territory of Bumba, province of Mongala, he was enrolled in the Force Publique in 1958, at the age of 17, after having attended the Ecole des Pupilles (military primary school), created by Belgian General Janssens at Camp Leopold (Camp Kokolo). This basic military training allowed him to go to Belgium to pursue military studies at the Royal Military School (ERM). At the end of his studies, he went to the War School, still in Belgium, from which he graduated with a Brevete d’Etat-Major (BEM). Back home, he will experience several promotions in his military career: second lieutenant in January 1963, lieutenant in January 1965, captain in January 1967, major in January 1970, lieutenant-colonel in July 1974, brigadier general in July 1977, Major General in July 1980, General of the Army in June 1985, and finally General of the Army in 1994. As such, he had to assume several functions within the Zairian Armed Forces (FAZ): instructor at the Kitona Training Center, G2 Deputy, then G3 at the Army Headquarters, commander of the Airborne Troops Division and Shock (DITRAC), Commander of the Special Presidential Brigade (BSP), Chief of Staff of the President of the Republic, Secretary of State for National Defence, Commander of the Kitona Base, Commander of the 1st Military Region and Chief of Staff of the Land Force. He took an active part in the campaigns of the 80-day war (Shaba 1, in 1977), and the Moba war in 1984. On January 8th, 1985, he was appointed Chief of Staff of the Zairian Armed Forces (FAZ). January 28th, 1985 marks the beginning of his political career with his entry into the Central Committee of the MPR. He was also part of the Political Bureau of the MPR during the same period.

Appointed ambassador to Israel, he returned to the country a few years later to be reappointed Chief of General Staff of the FAZ in 1994. The functions he kept until the war of liberation in 1996. He holds several honorary distinctions, including 2nd and 1st class military crosses, military bravery cross with bronze palm, officer of the National Order of the Leopard, and Commander of the National Order of the Leopard.