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Farmers in the urbano-rural municipality of Kabondo/Boma confronted with the lack of plowing equipment

Boma, September 11th, 2022 (CPA).- Farmers in the urban-rural municipality of Kabondo in Boma, Kongo Central province, are faced with a glaring lack of tillage equipment and improved seeds at the start of cropping season A, learned CPA last Saturday from the growers. The latter have requested the involvement of the presidents of the foundations and other associations scattered throughout this municipality, to help them in order to enable them to respect the agricultural calendar. The Jupsy Niumba Makuala Foundation, which currently has twenty associations across the municipality of Kabondo, with the motto « love, solidarity, social progress and development », is the only association that has responded to this call from farmers by providing them with hoes, machetes, groundnut seeds, maize, and selected cassava cuttings.


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